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For your personal luck you do not have to count on policy, you better do that yourselves. But you must get the necessary chances.

We want to widen those chances with Vivant.


Dear Reader and Friend,

Through this programme Vivant sets out its vision of the future. Foremost in this vision is the shift from an industrial society to a service society together with the battle against ever-increasing unemployment as a major concern, while retaining social security for our children and ourselves.
Since the classic formulae, from either left or right, provide no satisfactory solution to the socio-economic problems of our time, Vivant has developed an alternative socio-economic programme.

At the heart of this programme lie the introduction of a basic income for all and a redesigned funding system, oriented towards the future of social security.

The ideas that Vivant is promoting have been, and still are, very carefully studied by independent working groups, looking particularly at the impact of the ideas on different sections of the population and at their financial viability. Vivant, incidentally, is probably the only party drawing up budgets for its proposals and calculating their implications for the national budget.

Vivant also promotes direct democracy, by which the population can express its views on major questions of governance, independent of political persuasion. Furthermore, Vivant is fighting for greater personal freedom, higher regard for the environment and more effective organs of State. The rôle of Government, in Vivant’s view, is to assist and serve the citizen. Vivant does not pretend to have a solution for every problem. Vivant aims to set forth signposts, and promote ideas, leading to a better quality of life for the greatest number.

Founder and chairman of VIVANT